There are literally thousands of good companies and good-hearted people out there who are trying to help lost pets and the people who are missing them. With so many to choose from, it's hard to know where to start... and impossible to know where you will find a match to the pet who you have lost or found.

Our hope is that The Center for Lost Pets will one day be the one central location where everyone can come together to connect. With your help, that day will come. Please spread the word about The Center for Lost Pets.

In our effort to help reunite lost pets with their family, we have compiled the following list of resources. If you know of someone we should add to the list, please let us know.

Craig's List

Fido Finder

Find Toto

Help Me Find My Pet

[We do not currently recommend this service.]

Lost My Doggie

Lost My Kitty

Missing Pet Network

Pet Finder

Pet Harbor

Pets 911

Tabby Tracker

You can also use a search engine such as Google (, Yahoo (, Ask ( or MSN ( to do a search for additional Lost & Found resources, including those in your local community.

Below are some tips when searching:


Search using these key-words and key-phrases:
Lost, Found, Pets, Lost a Pet, Found a Pet


Add the name of the city in which the pet was lost or found to narrow your search. For example:
Instead of typing: "Lost a Pet"
Try searching: "Lost a Pet in Los Angeles, California"


Try several search engines and not just one. It is highly possible to get different results from different search engines.


Listings appearing under "Sponsored Links" may sometimes produce better results since these links belong to companies advertising their services and, therefore, may have more updated listings to offer.

Finally, be sure to check with your local shelters for more help.

And don't give up. A lost pet is not a lost cause.


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