Imagine, one central location to go to when you've lost or found a pet. That's what we envisioned when we created The Center for Lost Pets. And the Internet has made it possible.

We're here for one purpose - to help get lost pets back home... safe, sound and soon. Whether you have found a pet or lost a pet, we're here to help - because a lost pet is not a lost cause.

You can search to see if your lost pet has been found. You can search to see if the pet you have found has been posted as lost.

We're also here to offer you the best possible lost and found pet advice. If you don't find a match in our database of lost and found pets, don't give up. Please click on our advice link for valuable help. And be sure to check back often. New listings for lost and found pets are updated every day.

To get started, click on the LOST or FOUND button above or go to our advice page now for immediate help.

The Center for Lost Pets was created by a team of dedicated specialists: shelter managers, natural disaster and safety experts, veterinarians and a variety of go-to gurus on all things pets.

Together with some of high-tech's most talented programmers, software developers and Web designers, we set out to achieve a very ambitious and worthwhile goal - to create one central location where people who have lost and found pets can connect. And all along the way, we were driven by one shared inspiration - the pets we love.

Our logo is a pet's collar made from a yellow ribbon - the symbol of hope for the safe return of a missing loved one.

Our mission is to make that hope a reality.

We know first-hand that losing a pet is a scary and painful experience. We've lost pets ourselves. But with more than 20 years experience helping lost pets, we also know that there is good reason to be hopeful... if you act quickly and follow some time-proven steps to find your lost pet.

Post the pet who you have lost or found on our Web site.

Our system will instantly show you a list of possible matches for the pet who you have lost or found.

If there are no matches currently in our system, you will be notified immediately by email and/or text message when a possible match has been posted to our Web site.

If you do not find an immediate match, go to our Advice Section for expert help, including a checklist of what to do and how to make the most effective Lost and Found pet signs.


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